Juliette Hogan's Where to Eat Guide to New York

19 Nov 14

some of you may know this already, but the juliette hogan team are into food. in a big way.  juliette's latest trip to new york involved a lot of work but just as much dining…  see below her list of must see's next time you're in new york…

musket room - amazing. nz chef and michelin star restaurant. 
265 Elizabeth St, New York

shake shack - good fast food burgers with such good thick-shakes (here are heaps all over manhattan)

red rooster - way up in harlem. it does proper southern american soul food. we had the best fried chicken. and the customers were some of the coolest/best dressed people we saw in new york

zenchiki - japanese in williamsburg. you are tucked away in your own dark alcove. we did the degustation. some of the best japanese i have ever had.

la superior - 295 berry st in brooklyn.  cheap and underground, it was the best mexican i have tasted. ever. i dream about that place. 

le sequin - more mexican in williamsburg. so good.

diner - willamsburg. a slightly more fancy place to east but delicious and cool interior. 

egg - went here from brunch almost every day. they did a 'rothko' egg in bread with cheese all over it. it was to die for. 

the mercer kitchen - the food and service here were amazing. a little posh but just heavenly. 

clinton st bakery - 4 clinton street between houston and delancey. best banana milk shake ever. 

elieen's cheesecakes - 17 cleveland place. so good. 


on the way to a wedding in new york wearing the SS/2014 kelvin skirt.

this is the beautiful bride for the wedding i attended in new york wearing a bespoke dress made for her big day.

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