10 Feb 16

The days get shorter and the nights longer.
Cloaked in darkness,
Our world contracts as we bend to winter's demands.

Perspective, the Autumn Winter 2016 collection from Juliette Hogan is an intelligent response to the internal changes we make as we move into winter.  As the seasons change so too does our way of existing in the spaces around us... our priorities shift, our moods alter, we have a new point of view.

Juliette explores new ways to inject richness into the collection alongside the now necessary elements of comfort and warmth.  Cloth, cut and colour work harmoniously together to deliver these new demands.
Coats are longer, colours deeper, and the direction just a little bit darker this winter.

Fleeting glimpses of skin, now scarce in these colder months, are given a new significance and hold an intoxicating allure.  Subtly enticing, yet never undignified.

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