A note from Juliette / Black Lives Matter

05 Jun 20

As a brand we have never been loudly political, however the recent Covid-19 situation has certainly brought a new and welcomed transparency from us so it feels both right and necessary to reach out to our community to address the current situation in America and the Black Lives Matter movement. 
We have been having many discussions to try and understand how and where it is appropriate for our voice, as a fashion brand in NZ, to support or contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. As some of you may know, New York is a city close to my heart and I find it absolutely devastating to see the ongoing injustice, inequality and racism in America, New Zealand, and around the world. 

There is so much to learn and understand in this space, and please know that our silence on social media to this point does not equate to the time and headspace that it has been occupying for me personally and for us as a company. A social media post is one way for us to show acknowledgment of the situation, however I also believe this should be supported by a deeper ongoing commitment, be this through action, donation or education. We are actively looking at where our existing charitable efforts lie, and where these could align with the BLM movement within New Zealand. 

Within our team we are encouraging respect, kindness, and consideration as to how others may be effecting positive change in their own ways; whether that be through marching, posting on social media, reading, listening or talking. This is an ongoing conversation with our team who bring different backgrounds and experiences to the table, and one that you as part of the JH community are welcome to join as we work together to support positive change in this space.   


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