2022.THREE | Bed of Dahlias Print

The Bed of Dahlias is this season hero print. Inspired by a favourite design from the JH archive, the Bed of Dahlias is a standout print that has depth and movement, as well as sophisticated simplicity.


Designed by our in house senior graphic designer, Louise Cuckow, this print began by looking back at a previous season designs. Loving the monotoned colour pallet of the Bed of Roses print, and the depth that the roses gave, Louise began thinking about a refreshed version that would align with the current collections. 


 Bed of Roses Print Swatch


An ongoing theme through our collections this winter has been the feature and inspiration of the Dahlia flower. Louise started to play with these flowers, their arrangement and colour to create a print that had the same depth and intrigue as its predecessor. 


Fabric concepts for the Bed of Dahlias print


From concepts to strike offs, Louise refined this print with the help of Juliette, to create a beautiful design that fit seamlessly into the current collections.


  Strike offs for the Bed Of Dahlias print


The Bed of Dahlias is a print that allows you to pair an assortment of colours, from pastel pink to a neutral stone, and is easy to pair with many wardrobe staples. Refined and classic to JH, this is another design that is iconic to the brand.

 Aura Dress in Bed of Dahlias









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