Sustainability at JH


At Juliette Hogan, our focus has always been on thoughtful design using quality materials and craftsmanship to create garments that stand the test of time. We recognise that the quality and longevity of our garments is only one facet of the very complex issue that is sustainability.

Operating a sustainable and responsible fashion business is more than simply making decisions to minimise or offset our environmental impact. Alongside the environment; economic and social needs also sit at the forefront of our sustainability decision making.

Our sustainability strategy looks to four pillars to guide our objectives and goals: People, Product, Planet and Prosperity Each pillar speaks to clear sustainability goals , and initiatives within each pillar are closely aligned with our broader company strategy and values. This ensures a commitment to becoming a sustainable and responsible business is at our core.

Learn more about our sustainability journey below.

Sustainability is no longer a 'nice-to-have', it is absolutely essential. We believe we owe it to our community to be constantly improving and evolving. Every individual small decision adds up, and collectively that begins to have real impact

Our Second Sustainability Progress Report

We are pleased to be able to share our second Sustainability Progress Report with you. This report has been created to help provide an insight into the work we have done, and to highlight the ups and downs as we continue on our sustainability journey.


Our Strategy Pillars

01 People

At Juliette Hogan, we believe our people are one of our greatest assets and we work hard to create a culture that resonates with our values. We have reflected these values within the People pillar of our Sustainability Strategy to formalise our commitment to providing a workplace where everyone feels valued and heard.

Our Initiatives

Embrace and support our wider community

Promote, support, and maximise our charitable relationships and work we do with our community wherever possible.

Care for our people and provide safe and inclusive spaces

Ensure our presence is diverse and inclusive by meeting our model diversity goals

02 Product

As an industry, we are excited by the continued evolution to transparent sharing of knowledge - both from our suppliers and to our consumers. Combined with the ongoing improvement in technology and fabric production, we are pleased to be able to make more consciously sustainable choices with our fabrics and designs, now more than ever before.


Our Initiatives

Use sustainable and responsible materials

  1. Implement our JH Materials Strategy within our team by the end of Q1.
  2. Implement our Responsible Purchasing and Suppliers guideline including purchasing goals. Supported by the implementation of a supplier survey to understand their impact.
  3. Continue to roll out our Code of Conduct - gain a minimum of two new signees each month.

03 Planet

We are hopeful that the fashion industry can be a ‘leader of change’ in this current climate where it is widely known that individuals, businesses + industries all need to work together to achieve a greater good - for our people, for our planet and for our collective prosperity.


Our Initiatives

Reduce emissions and manage environmental impact in business operations

  1. Set a carbon neutrality goal supported by science-based reduction targets and supporting local offsetting projects.
  2. Improve on existing and implement new environmental process and guideline to reduce company impact - with a focus on waste reduction across our business.

04 Prosperity

Sharing our progress openly and honestly with our community helps to drive us to become a more responsible business. Being more transparent with our key stakeholders means that our customers can have more confidence in investing in our product, as well as keeping us accountable by ensuring that we deliver on the key objectives we have set for ourselves.


Our Initiatives

Business for good

  1. Become a certified B Corp in 2025.
  2. Ensure sustainability is at the forefront of decision making for the business and reported on to the highest level.

Progress Reports

For more detail on our ongoing efforts, you are invited to read our full Sustainability Reports.

We hope that by reading this you will gain meaningful insight into our sustainability journey to date, and where we are headed in future. We are open to your thoughts and suggestions, and would love to hear from you.




Mindful Fashion NZ

A Note from Juliette

The fashion industry is notorious for being a hard one to succeed in, and historically for the lack of support between people and companies within the industry. The industry in New Zealand has been known for businesses being highly protective of their knowledge and incredibly competitive.

For the first 16 years of my career there was no industry body that represented us, there no sense of community, and there definitely was not a joining together of those in the industry to achieve a greater good.

I am so grateful to both Kate Sylvester and Emily Miller-Sharma for being bold enough to come together and found Mindful Fashion when they did.

The vision of Mindful Fashion excites me - a clothing and textiles ecosystem in Aotearoa NZ where business, people and nature all thrive. The mission to unite the industry to create an innovative, full circle and thriving future should be celebrated.