At Juliette Hogan, our focus has always been on thoughtful design using quality materials and craftsmanship to create garments that stand the test of time. We recognise that the quality and longevity of our garments is only one facet of the very complex issue that is sustainability.

We created our Sustainability Strategy in the hope of tackling some of the responsibilities that our industry and business face and as a way to ensure economic, environmental and social needs continue to be at the forefront of all our decision making. Our objectives look to our brand values which at their core are sustainability focused:

  • Integrity and honesty in all business interactions
  • People first – respect and kindness to all people, clients, and team
  • Mindful design and manufacture
  • Quality and luxury product

Discover more about how we are bringing these values to life.


We understand that sustainability is a journey not a destination. We have established four pillars with clear goals and commitments to help guide us as we work on a cycle of continuous improvement on our sustainability journey.
To embrace and support our wider community
Maintain engagement and wellbeing within our team
Support and strengthen local industry
Nurture responsible partnerships
Design for a long life
Use sustainable and responsible materials
Responsible supply partnerships
Enable circularity
Use minimal and sustainable packaging and consumables
Minimise our carbon footprint
Zero Waste

Long term sustainable success
Engage stakeholders in our sustainability journey

“Sustainability is no longer a 'nice-to-have', it is an absolute essential. We believe we owe it to our customers to be constantly improving and evolving in this space in order to create genuine, honest and enduring connections with them. When you make a more sustainable choice, you are sending a message about what is valuable to you. Every decision adds up, and collectively that begins to have real impact."

- Juliette


Key highlights of our current actions and ongoing projects driven by our sustainability commitments are outlined below:

Quality and timeless design

Wherever possible, garments are made locally in New Zealand

Appointed Tui as our Sustainability Program Manager at start of 2021

Measured carbon emissions through Toitu Carbon Assess program to identify areas of improvement

Formalised partnership with CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group)

Living Wage aligned

Wellbeing Plan implementation including staff access to EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Founding member of Mindful Fashion New Zealand (MFNZ) with active participation in working groups

Internship programme launched

Joined Pride Pledge in 2022

Elimination of single use plastics in business operations

Transitioning JHL products to certified organic cotton

Continued improvement to our packaging solutions

Commitment to diversity of models across our brand imagery

Formalise our fibre and materials strategy, benchmarked against our Material Change Index results

Releasing our first JH sustainability report Q2 FY23

Fabric and garment certification alignment roadmap


An important and evolving movement within the fashion industry, fashion circularity has three key principles to create a more circular system with the ultimate aim of reducing waste and protecting our environment:

  • Initiatives that keep clothes in use for as long as possible - repairs, reselling swapping and upcycling
  • Using renewable and safe materials that can be returned to the earth
  • Creating solutions that turn clothes, and the bi-products of their production into new clothes.
  • JH Bridesmaid X Designer Wardrobe collaboration giving a longer life to our bridesmaid range
  • Donation of excess fabric to various community organisations incl. The Recreators & The North Shore Resource Centre
  • Giving life to our End-of-Line fabrics through various product initiatives including JH Cushions, Scrunchies for Team JH birthday gifts & our CPAG Baby Bloomers
  • Composting 100% natural fibres in our commercial compost collection bin
  • Our JH Repair Policy valid for the life of the garment
  • Development of a JH ReSale programme (in support of CPAG) launching in 2023.


At Juliette Hogan we believe our people are one of our greatest assets and we work hard to create a culture that resonates with our values of integrity, respect, and kindness. We have reflected these values within the People pillar of our sustainability strategy to formalise our commitment to providing a workplace where everyone feels valued and heard.  

Find out more about our culture, values and commitment to our team:




At Juliette Hogan we have always appreciated the feel and drape of natural fibres and in the early years of the brand this is predominantly what we used. However we now embrace the use of some man-made fibres for a number of reasons. The technology around fabric development is an exciting and evolving space and there is now a keen focus on sustainability in the production of both natural and synthetic fabrics and we are looking closely at the circularity of our fabrics choices.

As an industry we are excited by the continued evolution to a more transparent sharing of knowledge (both from our suppliers, and to our consumers), and this combined with the ongoing improvement in technology and fabric productions, we are pleased to be able to make more consciously sustainable choices with our fabrics now more than ever before.

Find out more about our the different fabrics that we use in our collections, alongside detailed sustainable care info to prolong the life of your JH garment:






Where possible, we produce our clothing here in New Zealand, working closely with local fabric suppliers, cutters and makers to bring our creations to life. We highly value the relationships we have developed over the years within our local industry and these are so integral to the ongoing success of our business.

Juliette Hogan is proud to be a founding member of Mindful Fashion New Zealand (MFNZ) and our team actively participate in MFNZ working groups, helping to deliver strategic initiatives. Co-founded by Emily Miller-Sharma of Ruby and Kate Sylvester in 2018, MFNZ is a collective of leading New Zealand designers, fabric supplier and manufacturers with an aim to strengthen the local fashion and textile industries. Through this initative we have been witness to the way members have come together to support, collaborate and share in ways never been seen before.

Our commitment to our community is shown through our alignment with Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) with an annual minimum donation pledge of $10,000 as well as fundraising for, and raising awareness of the important work CPAG do to realise their vision of ‘An Aotearoa where all children flourish, free of poverty.’



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