Fabric Care

Here at Juliette Hogan, we design clothing with longevity in mind. The following care instructions are a general guideline for garment care in order to get the most out of your Juliette Hogan piece.

Always refer to your garment's specific care instructions or do get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

  • Where possible, choose to air your garment. This is kinder for both your garment and our environment. Leaving your clothes out to air can have them smelling fresh in a short amount of time.
  • Use quality, gentle washing products.
  • Wash your clothing at the lowest temperature.
  • Choose line (or flat) drying over tumble drying.
  • Iron only when necessary.
  • Choose your dry cleaner carefully – look for eco or green credentials in their products and practices.

To find out more about our the specific fabrics that we use in our collections, alongside detailed sustainable care info to prolong the life of your JH garment, visit the Fabric Info + Garment Care section in our Help Centre


Fabric selection is always my first step when we start to design a new garment or collection. I look for fabrics that compliment and contrast each other beautifully - in composition, colour, weight and texture. Seeing the collection begin to evolve through the process of fabric sourcing and selection is the part of my design process that I love the most. "

- Juliette



We have always appreciated the feel and drape of natural fibres and in the early years of the brand this is predominantly what we used. However we now embrace the use of some man-made fibres for a number of reasons. The technology around fabric development is an exciting and evolving space and there is now a keen focus on sustainability in the production of both natural and synthetic fabrics and we are looking closely at the circularity of our fabrics choices.

As an industry we are excited by the continued evolution to a more transparent sharing of knowledge (both from our suppliers, and to our consumers), and this combined with the ongoing improvement in technology and fabric productions, we are pleased to be able to make more consciously sustainable choices with our fabrics now more than ever before.