The long weekend is here, giving us a chance to embrace quiet moments amongst the chaos. During this needed break from her busy life, we decided to see what Juliette is planning to do during her off-duty down time. Juliette takes us through her long weekend wardrobe, her quintessential summer cocktail, and her crowd-pleasing Bacon & Egg Pie recipe.


"Like many people, I look forward to long weekends. This is meaningful time for me to be with those close to me and just live in the present moment. I enjoy the precious time with my kids, no matter what we do - whether we do a puzzle together, draw with Daisie, or have a little dance party with Myra.

I also enjoy getting in the kitchen and making something special I know will go down a treat with guests. My Bacon & Egg Pie is always a hit, and my favourite cocktail of the moment, the Gimlet, is a no-fuss drink ideal for those sitting-in-the-sunshine moments." - Juliette




Long Weekends are all about relaxation, so simple comfortable outfits are a must. 

What better outfit wind down in than a cotton-cashmere tracksuit. Our Spruce JHL Vest, being sleeveless, makes luxe comfort possible in the warmer NZ months. The matching JHL Wide Leg Trackpant or JHL Long Shorts complete the look for morning-to-night comfort.



What would a relaxing sunny weekend be without a tried and true linen number? Light and floaty, but still covering the arms from the sun, the Essa Shirt in Cinnamon Vintage Linen is a wardrobe must. Pop on your favourite pair of sandals and a beach wrap and head out to onto the sand in style.


An optimistic fun colour palette feels appropriate when guests are coming around. An outfit that can see you through any event with friends and family whilst still remaining light and breathable is a wardrobe must.

The Garden Party two piece in Flora ticks these boxes - the Orion Shirt and Robin Short give you a cohesive casual outfit that pops.



Whether you have a crowd coming round, or just need something delicious that the kids will love - Juliette's Bacon & Egg Pie is sure to do the trick. 


1 x Onion
10 x Eggs
500g Streaky Bacon
Anathoth Farm Tomato Relish
Flaky Puff Pastry
Salt & Pepper


Pre heat oven to 200°C on Fan Bake.

Dice onion and sauté for 10mins, then set aside.

Cook bacon until cooked through, then set aside.

Crack the eggs into a bowl, season with salt and pepper.

Be sure to not whisk them too much, you still want to have bits of white but all the yolks should be broken up.

Prepare your pie dish with baking paper, followed by a layer of pastry at the bottom.

Coat the bottom layer of the pie with Anathoth Farm Tomato Relish.

Add the onion, followed by the bacon, then lastly pour the egg over top.

Place your top layer of pastry over the top and seal the edges with your fork.

Brush the top of the pastry with some left over egg remnants.

Place pie into the oven for 20mins. Turn the heat down, and cook for a further 20 mins or until the top of the pie is golden brown.

See the full video of Juliette making the Bacon & Egg Pie here>


A great long weekend involves a great drink. Sitting in the sun and catching up with friends over a refreshing cocktail. Juliette's current drink of choice is the Gimlet. She takes us through the simple steps to make one below.

1x Lime
Sugar Syrup


(Makes one)

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice.

Pour in 60ml of Gin, 30ml of lime juice, and 30ml of sugar syrup.

Shake well, until the outside of the shaker is very cold.

Strain into a coupe glass, garnish with lime, and serve. That's it!

Tip: To make your own sugar syrup you will need 1:1 sugar and water.
Start lightly heating the water on the stove top, add in the sugar, then simmer for 10 minutes until the sugar has dissolved and syrup has slightly thickened. Once syrup has cooled, store in a glass jar in the fridge.


We hope you enjoy your long weekend, and spend it doing whatever brings you joy, relaxation, and a moment of quiet to reflect on the year that's been. 






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