From Juliette / Our partnership with CPAG

We have long been discussing how we can look to focus our ongoing donation and fundraising activity into a more meaningful commitment to an organisation that resonates both with me personally and our wider JH community. 

I am so grateful for my upbringing full of resources that fed into a world view where I grew up believing anything was possible for me. With two socially conscious parents and through seeing their active efforts and work, I also began to realise that this wasn't the reality for everyone. My parents have been amazing role models for me and I hope that in my own way, I too can help to support positive change.  

I believe that children are both our most vulnerable and our most deserving of equity of opportunity and care, and that child poverty in New Zealand is one of our most important issues today. I am pleased to share that we have aligned with Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and will be working with them on an ongoing basis to support the important work that they do. CPAG’s vision of ‘An Aotearoa where all children flourish, free of poverty’ resonates strongly with me, and I hope with our JH community too.  

Juliette Hogan Ltd has pledged an annual minimum donation of $10,000 as well as a commitment to fundraise for and raise awareness of the organisation. At its core, CPAG focusses on research around the causes and effects of poverty on children and family, looking carefully at how government policies affect children, and sharing this information with the public, policy makers, media and politicians to effect the policy changes needed to reduce child poverty in Aotearoa. 

Find out more about Child Poverty Action Group here, and how you can show support.  




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