Alice & Luke | Q+A

Bright, bold and joyful. These are the words that best encapsulate Collection 2022.FOUR, and the standout campaign imagery that goes along with it. 

We chat to Alice Feutz, our Art Direction and Design Lead at Juliette Hogan, who is with the collection from the first idea and design concepts, and Luke Foley-Martin, talented photographer and long-time collaborator, about our new season campaign.  

 Alice Feutz, Juliette Hogan Art Direction and Design Lead + Luke Foley-Martin, Photographer 

What was the inspiration behind this shoot and what were you hoping to portray through the imagery? 

Alice | The inspiration for this shoot manifested whilst designing the collection. The clashing of the bright colours was something I wanted to speak to and make the main feature. I thought the coloured floor was a cool evolution of previous campaigns we have done, while feeling fresh and unique. 

Luke | Alice and I started to chat earlier in the year discussing ideas of multiple models, movement and colour. We knew we wanted to work with two models and to really hero the colours of the collection. We set up a two-toned backdrop with green, pink, blue, and white variations chosen to match back with the clothes. I wanted the photography to be really soft and elegant. Though I still wanted it to feel really fresh and playful. 



What key factors do you think each of you bring to the table when working together to create?

A | Luke gives me the confidence that I know the photos will be amazing, so all I have to focus on is making the clothes look gorgeous. He has such a positive, calm energy on set that makes everything feel like smooth sailing. It is also always collaborative when working with Luke, having someone who has a similar aesthetic/ style is the best person to bounce ideas around with. 

L | I love working with people who have great ideas and can communicate them in a way that makes sense for a shoot. Alice is great at this; she keeps an eye on current and upcoming trends in design and photography. Even when we’re not shooting, we often throw shoots we like at each other to inspire the next campaign. It’s great because we are interested in the same designers, editorials, magazines, and photographers.  


What helps you to harness your creativity when preparing and planning shoots?

A | Being really organised and having more outfits than I think I will need. Also being relaxed with plenty of time up our sleeve, this allows the space to try and experiment with new ideas – which often turn out to be the best shots. 

L | Honestly, I’m inspired by a lot of what I see going on overseas. I love photographers like Lea Colombo, Jamie Hawkesworth, and Jenny Brough. The way these photographers capture colour and are able to shoot fashion photography in a way that feels artful and emotive, is something that I try to encapsulate in my own work. These are the parts that I prepare beforehand, however a lot of the magic happens once I am behind the camera. When I’m on set, it’s important to for me to feed off the energy of everyone else who is part of the shoot. That is what keeps my creative juices flowing throughout the process.  

What has been your favourite Juliette Hogan campaign shoot with each other, and why? 

A | It is always the most recent campaign that is my favourite, I think this is because it is unreleased, and you have the anticipation of people seeing it for the first time. I love that feeling. 

L | I seriously think all the campaigns I have worked on with Alice and Juliette have been really good. Although as we’ve spent more time working together and understanding each other’s creative interests, the most recent two campaigns are my favourite. Juliette Hogan as a brand matches my look and style of photography. I always come away feeling rewarded after shooting with them, as I know I was able to do the brand justice while inserting my own personal flavour into the work.  



Any insights for how/where you would love to shoot for JH next? 

A | Next campaign on the cards is our 2023.ONE and TWO winter collections. We will be doing this in the next few months we have already had some conversations about potential locations and lighting specifically.  But, if we are talking dream shoot location, after just spending time in Europe, somewhere nestled in the streets of Paris feels like the perfect fit for JH. First things first though, Juliette and I must finish the collection!  

L | It’s been cool to see everyone start to head overseas again recently, this has really broadened my inspiration and eyes to new parts of the world. Seeing Alice’s trip over to Europe was definitely FOMO. Some of the places that she visited got me wondering about shoot ideas that could carry over to Juliette Hogan campaigns. I think Paris and the south of France in particular stood out; all the amazing architecture, streets, parks, would make a great setting for an iconic JH shoot. 




You can view more of our Collection 2022.FOUR campaign imagery on our instagram. @juliettehogan

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