From Juliette | Embracing the Circular Economy with Trade Me

Discover more about the launch of TradeMe's latest Circular Economy Report & their Secondhand Spin pop-up.


At Juliette Hogan, our focus has always been on creating garments with longevity in mind, embodying quality materials and craftsmanship, and an enduring design aesthetic. I love seeing our customers effortlessly blend cherished JH pieces from past collections with fresh, seasonal additions. 

The idea that a garment can find a new home and appreciation when it no longer aligns with someone's life, shape, or style fills me with immense joy. Just because a piece may no longer suit your lifestyle doesn't mean it lacks value; it could become someone else's cherished treasure, all while preventing it from contributing to the environmental burden of landfills.

Presenting these pieces in a way that feels special to buyers is an important step to help achieve this. Preparing your garments for their next adventure, and enhancing their appeal can be as simple as refreshing with minor repairs, steaming, or capturing well-lit images against a simple backdrop. These steps contribute to extending the useful life of your clothing and fostering a more circular economy for a sustainable future.

It is for these reasons that we have collaborated with Trade Me for the launch of their Circular Economy Report and innovative Secondhand Spin Pop-Up store: which feautred styling stations equipped for steaming, pressing, lint rolling, and fragrancing garments, preparing them for sale. It was a tangible celebration of the joy of sustainable fashion, where the resale of each garment contributes to a circular economy.

As someone deeply connected to our beautiful country and environment, I feel a responsibility to care for and nurture them, especially for the sake of future generations. Our aim is to empower our customers to make informed and conscious purchasing decisions for the wellbeing of our planet. 

I recently sat down with Trade Me to talk sustainability, buying preloved garments and embracing the joy of finding a new home for your pre loved garments. You can read the full article here.




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