One of our core values at Juliette Hogan is to act with integrity and honesty in all business interactions. So, when we put together our sustainability strategy last year, it made sense for one of our key objectives to be “engage stakeholders in our sustainability journey”. Through this objective we are aiming to provide greater transparency about what we are working on to drive ourselves to become a more responsible business. Being more transparent with our key stakeholders means that our customers can have more confidence in shopping with us, as well as keeping us accountable by ensuring that we deliver on the key objectives we have set for ourselves.  


At the start of 2021 we began including more detailed information about where the fabric of each garment was sourced from as well as where it was made, on our website. By providing this information on our website, it gives our customers the assurance that they can easily identify the origin of each garment prior to purchasing. We also recognize that our team are one of our key stakeholders and therefore, we are continually engaging with them through weekly sustainability tips, monthly updates, and bi-monthly reporting in our board reports. To further demonstrate our commitment to engaging with stakeholders, we have made a commitment to release our first JH sustainability report in the second quarter of the 2023 Financial year. We will be busy over the next quarter working on putting this report together and look forward to sharing it with our community once it is complete.  


While these blog posts have been a way for us to communicate our progress, it has always been our intention to have a permanent home for sustainability on our website. The pandemic meant that our team was stretched in a lot of directions and it took us longer than we had initially planned for this to come to life. We are very pleased to say that we now have a permanent home for sustainability which can be found here. We expect to be updating this page as we learn and progress along our sustainability journey, and we feel very excited that our stakeholders can now easily find out more about what environmental and social responsibilities we have been working on, as well as what we are hoping to accomplish in the future. 





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