How to Style Prints

At Juliette Hogan, prints are our most anticipated pieces and the foundation from which our seasonal collections are built.  

Juliette works closely with our talented in-house print designer, Loren Marks as well as collaborating with local artists to bring new print creations to life. To create our original prints, Loren will digitally manipulate original artwork or photography; playing with distortion, scale, repeat and colours to create something unique and true to the Juliette Hogan brand.  


Each collection brings together prints that both complement and contrast; from our signature emotive abstract watercolour style, to romantic florals, and enigmatic geometric motifs, there is something for every occasion and every sense of style. 

Our customers appreciate our strong print heritage, and the ability to build their wardrobes around our JH printed pieces over time. While our silhouettes, palette and prints do evolve over time, our enduring design aesthetic speaks strongly from season to season with beloved prints and separates from the past working effortlessly back with pieces from our collections today 

Prints are a hardworking and versatile wardrobe addition to:  
- Add interest and depth to an outfit. 
- Breathe new life into a neutral or basics wardrobe. 
- Showcase your individuality and unique sense of style

We’ve put together some simple and practical advice on how to start incorporating prints into them into your wardrobe



Prints often hold within them many different hues. Pull out one that speaks to you and embrace it. Let it guide the other pieces of your outfit. Our Frosted Bloom print and our Rosey Morgan Coat are a statement waiting to happen.



For a more minimal or classic approach, simply reach for those neutral toned pieces in your wardrobe to easily pair back with your print; think tones like ivory, beige, black, and muted pastels to create a chic, cohesive look - allowing the print to take centre stage. We love our Perino Dion Crew styled with our beloved Dahlia Silk Petra Skirt.




If a print strongly speaks to you, embrace it. Wear multiple pieces as a set such as our Delilah Blouse and Evelyn Pleat Skirt in our geometric Motif Crepe. If you are feeling particularly bold you could look to pair two different tonal prints together, for a cohesive yet statement look.


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