Paisley Silk Print

Paisley Silk

Paisley Silk is the latest Collection 2021.ONE print in stores and online, available in classic JH shapes and fresh silhouettes. This hero print was hand drawn, hand painted and manipulated on the computer, in house by our talented Senior Graphic Designer, Louise Cuckow before being translated onto a beautiful 100% silk crepe de chine base.

We chat to Juliette, Alice (Assistant Designer) and Louise about the inspiration and process behind the print.

Paisley Silk Drawing


Juliette: Alice and I have always wanted to do some sort of paisley print so when we briefed Louise, we gave her the starting point of paisley, but with a JH twist. As it is a new look for JH we wanted to still keep the key principals of the brands iconic prints but explore a new concept. It was a labour of love for Louise and the print grew and evolved over months of development.   

The silk print features hand-drawn lines and hand-painted areas which leave much to discover and visually explore. The addition of stars and snowflakes add a winter whimsical feel, juxtaposed with the rich colour palette makes it feel quite modern. The black base paired with green, pink and chocolate tones speak to the colours of the season as well as making it an easy addition to the wardrobe.


Paisley Silk Process


Louise: With quite a loose brief it was a fun opportunity to try something new for Juliette and tap into a design style I had used in the past. I love creating hand drawn designs so I felt very excited to share this with the brand!

I started by drawing some paisley motifs, then thinking about how I could customise them and make them Juliette Hogan. I started making small changes, like changing flowers to stars (a shape I know Alice loves!) and being a winter print, I added some snowflakes too for Juliette's daughter, Myra, who loves Frozen... at one point we joked about the print being called ‘Kristoff’! I love that these two shapes ended up sitting beautifully together.

From here, I did a selection of colour options, all hand painted, before we figured out the basic colour direction. The design layout continued to develop as some motifs were removed. As this print was hand drawn and hand painted, it meant a lot of my time and love went into the creation of Paisley Silk. Later stages of artwork creation were done on the computer with just as much time, love and attention.


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