Sakura Silk - A Print's Story with Artist, Loren Marks

With the arrival of Spring comes the release of Sakura Silk - an exclusive JH original print design, and the debut print from our new Senior Graphic Designer, Loren Marks.

Sakura Silk is inspired by the blossoms of the Sakura tree, a Japanese flower which represents the balance of life - they bloom with vibrance, but their time with us is short.

Loren explored the harmony found between black and white block colours, looking to create depth through the use of positive and negative space. She developed the Sakura print through digital manipulation of this monochromatic colour palette. 


Loren completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Fine Art at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. This education path helped Loren finesse key design skills she has been able to apply to vocational projects as well as personal creative endeavours.

She has since been exhibiting her work at Art Galleries across Aotearoa since 2021, whilst working in the fashion industry as a print designer. She is keenly interested in the close-relationship between fashion and art. 

When discussing her artistic inspirations Loren identifies how her love for art, painting and drawing have been important to her since she was in Kindergaten:

"They were always my favourite subjects at school. Design to me is self-expression and creativity, combined with a purpose or problem solving. I have always enjoyed designing things, I think about how an object can be more beautiful, simple and/or functional."


Loren came to Juliette Hogan at the beginning of 2023 and cites the brand's "clean, modern aesthetic" that is paired with "a real emphasis on artistic, original prints" as a key reason she was drawn to the brand.  

Sakura Silk is now available in a variety of silhouettes, explore the entire range of Sakura - including a summer staple Adaline Dress, wedding-ready Florence Dress, and a statement two-piece set (Rue Shirt and Loli Pant).






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