Sustainability Update | Paper & Packaging


At Juliette Hogan, we are always looking to balance our impact at every touchpoint and we recognise that packaging has an impact on ecosystems at all stages. From raw material extraction, and production, down to the disposal.  



Recently, we have undergone a source reduction exercise to reduce the impact of our product packaging. From the results of this exercise, which will be shared in our annual Sustainability Report, we are in the process of transitioning to packaging that fits these guidelines.  

Starting with our carry bags, postcards, tissue paper and courier packaging, we have worked with suppliers over the past nine months to source and create products that are either curb side recyclable or compostable.  




JH Tissue Paper: Made from 70% recycled content. Unbleached and printed with water-based ink. Compostable and curb side recyclable.  


PostcardsMade with Elemental Chlorine free (EFC), FSC® certified wood pulp. Curb side recyclable.  

Carry bags: Made from White Kraft with 40% post-consumer recycled materials and paper ribbon handles and printed with non-toxic soy inks.  The virgin material from our carry bags and paper envelopes is produced from the by-products of timber used in the construction and furniture industry. Curb side recyclable.  



Paper courier envelopes: Made from white kraft with 60% post-consumer recycled materials and printed with non-toxic soy inks. Upon dispatch, we remove and recycle the soft plastic adhesive protection. Curb side recyclable. 



Delivery boxes: Made with 100% recycled kraft material, printed. Curb side recyclable. 


Courier labels: Paper-based and curb side recyclable - so, no need to be removed before recycling the courier envelope or box. We use FSC® certified labels with non-toxic adhesive in some of our locations and are looking to transition our other locations based on product availability. 




The JH team re-use courier bags and carry bags wherever possible, and you are more than welcome to drop off old JH (or other brand) shopping bags for us to re-use internally.   


We look forward to sharing more on our work towards better packaging in our annual Sustainability report. 


As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions and appreciate any feedback. 

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