Our Team Tasting With Antipodes & Amisfield

Having partnered with Antipodes in 2022, we were excited to host a tasting event for our team, with Matt and Craig from Antipodes Water last week.



Antipodes is a brand that we are proud to align with, with their values and ethos being about quality and sustainability over quantity. This is seen not only from them being the first certified carbon-zero water company but also through the creation of their bottles, to their bottling process. Quality and sustainability are at the heart of everything they do.



Last week we had the privilege of being taken through a water tasting, with Antipodes helping us gain insight into all avenues of their brand and what makes their water that much better, both for us and the environment.



We paired Antipodes Still and Sparkling Water, with our JH x Amisfield 2022 Rosé learning how different minerals and their densities in water affect the taste of not just water, but wine as well. It turned out Antipodes sparkling water was a perfect partner to our Amisfield Rosé.



We want to say thank you to Antipodes Water for the lovely evening. We can’t wait to share our learnings with our community and host events with this fantastic pairing in tow.




Find out more about Antipodes water here.

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