2022.FIVE | Citrus Organic Cotton

One of our hero prints for Collection 2022.FIVE, Citrus Organic Cotton brings to life the joy of the summer season. In 100% Organic Cotton, this fabric story is the perfect companion for your summer days.



Starting from hand-picked flowers, our senior graphic designer began playing with the idea of arranging the flowers sparsely on a white background, as opposed to in a full bouquet, from which previous JH prints have started.



Wanting to make the flowers blur and intertwine with one another, the process of playing with texture and abstraction began. With different tones of white and cream highlighting the bright daisy yellow and tones of orchid and indigo purple, this design started to take form and seemed like the perfect refreshing palette to add to a colourful collection. 



Looking at the natural texture of the hand-picked flowers, Juliette and our graphic designer wanted to ensure there was still depth and detail to this print. Using the organic patterns and effects created by each of the different flowers and how they were placed was the finishing touch for this JH original design.



Playful, romantic and joyful are three words that spring to mind when seeing and wearing this print. Not only does this print exude bright summer days, but it is also designed for them. With their 100% cotton fabric, the pieces in this fabric story are here to accompany you through the summer months. From brunch to long lunch. For a summer BBQ or February wedding, our Citrus Organic Cotton is the perfect option to bring that bright and joyful feeling to the surface... Just have a look at the JH team.




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