Collection 2022.FOUR has an array of prints, but our highly anticipated Houndstooth Silk, is one that stands out with its bold and striking graphic palette.

Playing with clashing colours and a more graphic iteration of the classic houndstooth pattern, our Senior Graphic Designer, Louise Cuckow, masters this design creating a bold new JH print.



Starting with the classic houndstooth shape, Louise began to play around with enhancing the features of this timeless pattern, by creating a larger shape with sharp, defined edges.




From there, it was on to finding the perfect colours to compliment this design and tie it in with Collection 2022.FOUR's palette.

With a key colour of the season being Hot Pink, what better way to highlight a bold print, than with bold colour blocking. Our Magenta colour-way uses this technique and creates a playful and unexpected colour combination, that can be paired with soft grey, white, purple or pink.



To balance the bold, Louise and Juliette looked to created a colour-way that referenced the origin of this pattern, with more muted tones. From Polka Silk to Constellation Silk, the black and chalk colour combination has always been a firm Juliette Hogan favourite and was the perfect addition to this fabric story.  



The Houndstooth Silk, is a print for all. From those wanting a bright, standout look, to those loving a monotoned moment, this print in luxurious 100% silk, is a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Shop the Houndstooth Silk print here.




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