2022.FOUR | Mindful Floral Print

Inspired by the activity of finding mindfulness through creative outlets, our senior graphic designer, created this print for Collection 2022.FOUR by taking the time to hand draw every line and detail.


Starting with continuous lines, that created abstract leaves and flowers, the Mindful Floral print is a graphic print derived from purposeful strokes, delicately linked together.


With a bright collection already in play, Juliette and Alice looked to a more subdued, tonal print as the perfect addition to our spring/summer collection.  



After experimenting with a range of colour variations, the one that both stood out and sat harmoniously within the collection was a combination of blues. These classic tones paired easily with the brighter blues featured in 2022.FOUR or classic JHL pieces.



The Mindful Floral print is a beautiful evolution of a classic JH print mixed with more graphic details. In 100% FSC Certified Viscose, the pieces in this fabric story are versatile in both colour and material, and perfect for day-to-day living.





Discover this Fabric Story online here, and available in-store now.

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