2023.ONE | Ladybird Silk

Beginning with the idea of representing nature in a more literal sense, Ladybird Silk brings a world of detail, from flowers inside of flowers to ladybirds and bees hidden amongst the petals. A true masterpiece, this print has been crafted into eight highly anticipated pieces from Collection 2023.ONE.



Print designer Louise Cuckow, began with the idea of creating a piece full of intricate details rather than a blurred or abstracted floral. Starting with hand-drawing the different elements, Louise began building out the artwork flower by flower. First with pen and watercolours and then digitally, Louise started playing with shapes, texture and technique. Once the base artwork was completed, layers of detail were added until it felt as though there was depth and life brimming from the print.



Perfecting the colour of the print was ever-evolving. Wanting to tie in colours from the collection and play with the woodland and romantic element of this print, tones of pinks, purples and creams were mixed and matched until the perfect cohesive palette was found. Purposefully put on a black base colour, this print can easily pair with base layer staples, monochrome separates or denim.


Like a story tale unfolding, this print is unique in every way. Hand-drawn, and crafted to let detail take the spotlight, our Ladybird Silk print is a very special JH design that we can’t wait for our community to love and cherish.





Discover our Ladybird Silk pieces here >

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