When I founded Juliette Hogan in 2004, I knew I wanted to create a brand that values quality over quantity, and produces timeless pieces that last. Over the years, this sentiment has continued to drive the Juliette Hogan business, but it has become apparent that it is just the beginning of what we aspire to achieve. Our values of integrity and respect continue to underpin everything we do, and sharing our progress and goals openly with our community over the years has helped us to shape a more responsible business.



Celebrating our 19th anniversary this year brought about an opportunity for reflection on what the future for Juliette Hogan as a sustainable and responsible business should look like. With this, and our commitment to a continual cycle of improvement, we have set a goal for ourselves to achieve B Corp certification by 2025. 


What is B Corp?

B Corp is short for ‘Benefit Corporation’, which are for-profit companies that are committed to using their business as a force for good. B Corp is a certification granted by B Lab, a global non-profit organisation, which assesses businesses based on five areas – environment, workers, customers, governance, and community. 
Becoming a B Corp means you are held to high standards and need to meet higher levels of transparency and accountability. You need to consider the impact of your decisions, as well as work towards a common goal of creating a system whereby stakeholders are prioritised over shareholders. 
Beyond a commitment and certification tool, B Corp is a movement, community, and guide for maximising the impact a business can make. There are over 5,000 certified B Corps globally, across 154+ industries and in 79+ countries and we are now on the journey to becoming one of them.  
“Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.” 
     - B Lab 


Why B Corp is important to us?
Becoming a certified B Corp will be a powerful mechanism for us to set goals for continuous improvement and track our performance over time. The assessment will provide a roadmap for our sustainability journey and build our credibility and trust within our community. It will ensure we are kept accountable, and transparent and will enable us to demonstrate our values and our commitment to being a purpose-led organisation. It will also signify that we are meeting a high standard of verified performance throughout the business.  
What’s next?
Over the next 1-2 years we will begin preparing for our assessment. This entails looking at areas in our business where we can measure and improve our positive impact, from design to dispatch, and all the business processes in between. 

It will not be a quick process - and will require a huge amount of time and resources, but we are committed to achieving B Corp status.  

This is an exciting journey and one that we are really proud to be taking on and sharing with our community. 


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