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The last couple of years have given us all a lot of challenges and learnings. The biggest outtake for me above all else has been the importance the loyalty our community has shown us as a business and a brand. Is it so incredibly humbling to see how our clients return to us each season and continue to build their JH wardrobes over time - for some of you that's a big injection with a new collection launch, and for others it's that one coveted piece each season or year.

As a business we have long been discussing how we can acknowledge this loyalty - and there has certainly been some challenges to be able to implement a program from a technical perspective - ensuring seamless redemption and rewards no matter how you like to shop with us. We needed to ensure that the delivery of a loyalty program measures up to the high standard of customer experience that we are always striving to achieve.  

I am so excited to (finally) bring you our JH Loyalty Program. We have purposefully designed this with a focus on bringing rewards and benefits to really complement your shopping experience with us (rather than simply discounting).

You can find your personalised info within your JH Client Profile - do let us know more about you in there so that we can ensure that you receive more personalised care (& when you update your profile over the next week, you'll also automatically be in the draw to win $500 JH Rewards!).



Your JH Client Profile gives you an enhanced view of your experience with us. From here you can:

  • Let us know how you want to shop with us: from your preferred store, to the style, size, colour or fabrics you love to wear.
  • Manage what & how you’d like us to communicate with you
  • View your loyalty status and rewards
  • View past purchases to help with building and styling your wardrobe

Access to your personal JH Client Profile is via a unique time-sensitive link sent directly to your inbox. This enables secure and easy access to your profile with no need to remember passwords.

Thanks so much and if you have any questions please reach out to the team on 





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