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At Juliette Hogan, our focus has always been on thoughtful design using quality materials and craftsmanship, to create garments that stand the test of time. While we are predominantly NZ made (97%) we do recognise that quality is only one facet of the very complex issue that is sustainability and responsibility. With this in mind, we created our 2021 Sustainability Strategy in the hope of tackling some of the responsibilities that our industry and business face and as a way to ensure economic, environmental and social needs continue to be at the forefront of our decision making.  


When deciding on our sustainability strategy objectives, we first looked to our brand values which at their core are sustainability focused: 


  • Integrity and honesty in all business interactions 
  • People first – respect and kindness to all people, customers, and team 
  • Mindful design and manufacture 
  • Quality and luxury product 


We also made sure to consider the guiding principles of Mindful Fashion NZ, which as one of the founding members of MFNZ, we have committed to and can be read here.  


Our final consideration for our objectives was the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). By aligning our sustainability strategy with the SDGs, they provide overarching guidance on sustainability issues at a global scale. 


After reviewing our brand values, the MFNZ guiding principles and the SDGs relevant to our business, we established four pillars with clear goals and commitments to help guide us as we work on a cycle of continuous improvement on our sustainability journey.  



To embrace and support our wider community  
Maintain engagement and wellbeing within our team  
Support and strengthen local industry  
Nurture responsible partnerships  



Design for a long life  
Use sustainable and responsible materials  
Responsible supply partnerships  
Enable circularity  



Use minimal and sustainable packaging and consumables  
Minimise our carbon footprint  
Zero Waste  



Long term sustainable success  
Engage stakeholders in our sustainability journey  


I look forward to bringing you regular updates of our progress against these pillars, from larger projects to smaller initiatives... sometimes small changes can make big differences.  


Tui Moore | Sustainability Program Manager



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