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Here at Juliette Hogan our focus has always been on thoughtful design using quality materials and craftsmanship, to create garments that stand the test of time. While we are predominantly NZ made (97%) we do recognise that this is only one facet of the very complex issue that is sustainability and responsibility.

With this is mind, we as a company have decided to take action and start implementing strategies to allow us to become a more sustainable, circular luxury designer brand. At the heart of our brand values, sustainability is key, and as one of the founding members of Mindful Fashion NZ, this feels like the next step for us to help create a better future for NZ’s clothing and textiles industry. 

At Juliette Hogan, we are lucky enough to have a team that are always wanting to learn and grow in all aspects of the business. For sustainability, this has meant a new role within our team, of Sustainability Program Manager, proudly filled by Tui.

Tui has a passion for the environment and how we can take steps, big and small to improve our sustainability, both as individuals and the business as a whole.

I am excited to have the business grow in this direction, and have Tui within this role to find ways in which we can improve our overall sustainability. Tui will be sharing the brands progress with our JH community in the next coming weeks, so keep an eye out for her update on our blog.



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