A new addition to the Juliette Hogan stable - JH Facemasks in our beautiful printed fabrics. The first batch of these zero waste and reusable facemasks were hand cut, sewn and pressed by our sampling and production team. Photographed, processed, packed and shared by our online and marketing team - all from our Morningside workroom over (a very busy) two days. A great way to keep our team busy and the business moving at a time when most of our stores are closed at Level 3 and such a great example of all the skilled hands that are required to bring Made in NZ product to life.

Thanks so much to everyone for their support of Juliette Hogan, and Made in NZ. With your help, our JH Facemask programme has enabled us to:

  • Donate an additional $750 from the sale of our JH Facemasks to help Mindful Fashion NZ achieve their fundraising goal to create a thriving and sustainable future for Made in NZ clothing by developing a meaningful garment manufacturing apprenticeship programme. 
  • Gift 300 cotton JH Facemasks to Women's Refuge
  • Gift the ASA Foundation with 75 metres of fabric + elastic and thread for their team to create masks for vulnerable families in South Auckland.




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