Q&A with Juliette & Marta

Juliette chats with the photographer behind the beautiful imagery for our SS2020 editorial - Tokyo based, Spanish Photographer Marta Rubio.

JULIETTE: Last year we had the amazing opportunity to shoot our summer campaign in NYC. The imagery and creative inspiration that it gave to me and the team was invaluable, and we had been back in New Zealand just a couple of weeks when we received your email about collaborating with us for a shoot. It had always been a dream of mine to shoot in Tokyo and we absolutely loved your aesthetic and were excited to explore the idea further. We’d love to know how you found us and what about our brand resonated with you?

MARTA: First of all. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the Juliette Hogan team. It’s such a pleasure to work with people who trust in my work and make everything easy to assemble concepts and ideas. I do wish you could have traveled to Japan for the shooting so I could have met the whole team in person.

I like to connect with brands and creative people through Instagram, especially those who have strong values and put much effort and passion to build beautiful projects. I’ve had  a couple experiences working with brands from New Zealand and they all have a beautifully curated aesthetic in common. It is something that I really appreciate. When I found Juliette Hogan I felt so attracted to its minimalist and sophisticated approach to fashion with the desired touch of effortlessness.  As a consumer, I love the idea of enduring pieces vs trendy pieces. I think the future of fashion depends on our way to buy, sell, and make clothing, so it is important to embrace the change. As a photographer who loves fashion, it is such a pleasure to shoot high quality clothes; these fabrics, textures and shapes that convey a story by themselves.

JULIETTE: Initially, we were heading to Tokyo to work on the shoot with you. How do you think the creative process changed when travel was no longer possible due to Corona Virus? From our perspective it was hard to let go of some of the control, but also exciting to have someone quite removed from our brand reflect the collection back to us.

MARTA: I was quite excited to have you here in Japan to show you around and have a fresh perspective for the shooting as well, but unfortunately it couldn’t happen. Since I’ve moved to Japan I’ve gotten used to working through emails and phone calls with creative teams around the world. I’ve enjoyed the whole creative process; thanks to your initial ideas, the collection inspirations and moodboard you shared with me, I had a clear idea of what kind of editorial you wanted. Also, I’m happy that you’ve trusted my point of view to connect both parts.

JULIETTE:  We were really drawn to the beautiful, feminine and quiet moments that you capture in your imagery. How would you describe your aesthetic?

MARTA: Thanks so much. I think Japan has been my main inspiration to translate my aesthetic. I’ve felt overwhelmed by the beauty and the explosion of contrasts that the country offers me so I couldn’t help but take my camera and start to shoot the things that surrounded me. Japan has a special aura of tranquility and nostalgia at the same time; I like to deliver that essence to my photography. I get inspired as well by the natural light, since I was born and raised in Spain, a country with much sunlight, so it is something I always bring with me. 

We live in the Instagram era where the images are disposable; I’m more interested in well curated images that can convey a story.

JULIETTE: I’d love to know more about how you began your photography career, and what brought you to be living and working in Tokyo?

MARTA: I’ve always been interested in photography since I was a child, I’ve collected photography and fashion magazines and books. I moved to Japan for personal reasons three years ago and later the professional opportunities came. When I first moved here I was so enthusiastic about the new culture in which I was immersed that photography seemed like the best way  to tell my experience. Walking around with my camera shooting local people, landscape, architecture let me create a special connection with the country and capture the beauty of everyday life; This journey of discovery has helped me to grow as a photographer as well as to connect to myself somehow.
JULIETTE:  What was your favourite piece from the Juliette Hogan collection? And what is your favourite image from the editorial that you shot?

MARTA: My absolute favourite look is the Flor Dress, it is also connected with some of my favourite images from the Editorial. We carefully selected the locations for each piece. That dress was shot in a small and quiet garden just in front of a Temple in Yanaka. The shape and the fabric of the dress let Oyasumi move freely around the garden. The atmosphere was beautiful and intimate, the lotus was blooming on the pond, giving us a glimpse of the beginning of summer. I have a nice memory of that part of the shooting.

JULIETTE: Thanks so much Marta. We absolutely love the images and do hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again.

Juliette Hogan SS2020 Editorial
Photographer: Marta Rubio
Model: Oyasumi
Shot on location in Yanaka, Tokyo




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