JH Pink breakfast



With Breast Cancer Awareness Month starting last week, we held an intimate breakfast in celebration of the special women in our lives at our workroom. We had a lovely breakfast catered by Catroux, coffee by Mutual Friends and beautiful flowers by Floral Stylist Co. Thank you to Karen Ishiguro for capturing the morning. 

With Breast Cancer being the most common cancer amongst New Zealand women, it is important to raise awareness and continue to talk about it. 




Breast Cancer is the #1 cancer for women
3300 are diagnosed each year, 25 are men
600+ deaths per year
9 women are diagnosed daily, 1 will be Maori
70% of women diagnosed will be 50+
90 - 95% of women diagnosed have no breast cancer in their family
If cancer is detected by a regular mammogram, 92% chance of survival
27% fewer deaths since free screening started


    B. Be breast aware from 20, young women can also get breast cancer
    R. Reduce your risk, less alcohol, keep kit, maintain a healthy body weight
    A. Act on breast changes, talk to your doctor or nurse
    S. Screening mammograms regularly from 40



      Learn more about the BCFNZ promotion we are running for the month of October here.



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