New Zealand Fashion Week 2019


After a four year hiatus, Juliette Hogan returned to the NZ Fashion Week schedule with an offsite event within a polished industrial Fearon Hay development in Morningside echoing the brand’s own workroom next door. 

The collective inspiration for the Autumn Winter 2020 presentation was drawn from the felt experience of New Zealand's wild, unique and beautiful natural world and was thoughtfully expressed through design, material, sound, and palette. As a designer, it is in nature that Juliette feels her most calm and creative.

The soundtrack to the event was the result of a seamless collaboration with pianist Gabrielle Peake, who both composed the original piece and delivered a moving live performance on a boudoir grand piano. “I wanted to create a beautiful piece to reflect Juliette’s collection imbued with movement, simplicity, depth & light. A piece filled with a sense of journey” said Peake.

The installation was inspired by the large scale works of Australian artist Linda Tegg and Juliette worked with Sue Cameron (Floral Stylist Co) to create something with a distinctly New Zealand flavour incorporating native plants Putaputaweta, Carex frosted curls, Oi oi, Landra and sustainable moss from the South Island forest floor. The result is a wild and welcoming meadow with tones echoing the golden hues of our southern and coastal landscapes.

The beauty looks for the show were brought to life by long time creative collaborators of the brand: Lauren Gunn of Colleen & Josie Wignall from M•A•C with models looking naturally flawless, with luminous skin - one step away from ethereal, while the hair look was classic JH natural texture. The tightly edited presentation of just 10 standout looks from the AW20 collection were expertly styled by Rachel Morton with in-house assistance from Alice Feutz.




The Juliette Hogan Fashion Week installation window is on public display until Tuesday 2 September (and best viewed from dusk) with doors open between 10am-12pm on Saturday 31 August and hosted by Juliette at 36 Ethel St Morningside.

 Find out more about the public event here

View our AW2020 film here. This is also available to view at our public display after dark. Camera - Jason Crane & Edited by Jarrod Wright.





Thanks to our kind sponsors without whom this event would not have been possible: Audi NZ, Colleen, M•A•C, Amisfield & Otakiri.


& a huge thank you to the hardworking team at Juliette Hogan.





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