New Zealand Fashion Week 2023 Kahuria

Last week we had the immense privilege of debuting Collection 2023.FOUR to a full house in the Auckland Viaduct Events Centre, during the opening day of New Zealand Fashion Week 2023 Kahuria.

Our show, which was proudly presented by Audi, was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the creatives that help fuel the New Zealand fashion industry. 

"Not only are fashion shows necessary to showcase new collections but they are a celebration of all the hard work that we do. I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who helped contribute to bring our NZFW show to life. The collection is beautiful and show was a dream. It was a joy to design and produce and I hope you love it as much as I do." - Juliette


Across 36 runway looks, styled by our Creative Direction and Design Lead, Alice Feutz, the collection brought a new sense of warmth and optimism for the upcoming summer months. The collection was navigated by a considered and enduring design sensibility, with our signature muted tones paired with seasonal brights breathing new life into the aesthetic narrative. A display of silks, linens, and crisp cottons, in meandering hues and graphic floral motifs reminded the audience of the natural world around us.

While the collections' feminine and fluid pieces were juxtaposed with masculine shapes, they were complimented by beauty looks created by long-standing brand collaborators - Josie Wignall for Bobbi Brown alongside Lauren Gunn and the Colleen team for Kevin Murphy. Josie created a natural yet luminous beauty look for our models, whilst the team at Colleen mirrored this aesthetic into their creation of naturally textured hair. Outfits were accessorised with jewellery kindly provided by our friends at Meadowlark.



Through weeks of direct collaboration and conversation with Juliette & Alice, James Gibb and Oliver Johnston of brought a beat driven and nostalgic soundtrack to life on the runway. Nicole Miller Wong created a warm and comforting digital backdrop for the show playing a vital role in the show's cohesion. 

The Collection 2023.FOUR presentation was an invitation to experience the warm and nostalgic embrace of summer. An intelligent and sensitive reflection of this moment, yet infused with the timeless perspective of the brand, and striking that perfect balance between luxury and simplicity



"It was an absolute team effort from the models, the make up team, the hair team, our fabric suppliers, our makers, the photographers, the backstage crew, NZFW, our sponsors, the music curators, and most importantly the Juliette Hogan team. I couldn’t do it alone and I wouldn’t want to do it alone." - Juliette









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