PRINT STORY | Paisley Swirl

Paisley Swirl is a creation from Collection 2022.ONE between Juliette Hogan and our in-house print designer, Louise Cuckow.

We talked to Juliette and Louise to ask a few questions about the process behind this Collection 2022.ONE print. 



What was the starting point of this print?

JULIETTE / I love the paisley prints that Louise has created for us over the past 12 months and wanted to explore paisley further but in a new light. We knew that we wanted it to be on a silk CDC base as the colours are so rich and the print could be more transeasonal than a cotton base. We wanted it to have a lighter background to differentiate it from last winter’s paisley and for it to be more graphic in nature, less hand painted and more solid colours.


Did you always envision the end result would be in these warm autumn tones?

JULIETTE / Yes, we started working on the colour palate at the very beginning of the design process and knew that we wanted to explore these tones throughout the entire collection. The beauty of a print like this, is that you can include so many colours to enable it to work back with lots of fabrications from the collections. I love how you can wear this print with lighter colours and white sneakers or with dark rich moody colours and black boots.  

LOUISE / Yes we wanted the palette to tie in with key pieces of our collection, such as our Floral Falls print and some of the coating and suiting pieces. It is always useful from a design perspective to work on prints that talk to other featured colours in the collection, as it means the print can be paired back with lots of garments.


Louise, what was your process to achieve the final print?

LOUISE / I started by looking back at the Paisley print from last winter. I wanted to create a much more simplified version of it. I started with some of the basic shapes, connecting them to create swirls. I drew the design several times to continue simplifying it. Once I had the outline, I scanned it and started refining it on the computer. From here, I was able to add colour! There are a lot of colours in the design but each section of colour is tonal. I played around with a few options until Juliette and I felt like we found the perfect version.






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