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Dark Bouquet is a creation from Collection 2021.ONE between Juliette Hogan and long-time collaborator Sue Cameron from Floral Stylist Co.

Renowned for pushing the boundaries of floral styling, Sue and her team create intriguing, luxe and bountiful multi-scale installations that express a unique creative vision and passion for everything floral. Dark Bouquet is an intriguing and captivating work, perfectly capturing a shared vision, and effortlessly resonating with the Juliette Hogan aesthetic.

We first worked with Sue for our show at NZ Fashion Week in 2019, with Sue creating the large scale native installation that formed the dramatic backdrop to our show.

We talked to Sue and our in-house print designer, Louise Cuckow a few questions about the process behind our new collaboration.


What was the starting point of the collaboration?

SUE / This collaboration came to life beginning with a visit to the Grey Lynn "Floral Collective Aotearoa" flower markets, farm fresh, locally sourced and sustainable florals. Louise and I looked for the blooms that resonated with our palette and we soaked up inspiration from the abundant & organic way that florals are presented at the markets. 


Did you always envision the end result would be this beautiful, moody, rich colour palette?

SUE / The tones of the bouquet were a reflection of the Juliette Hogan collection palette with aubergines and lush greens paired with unexpected alluring flowers and bolder tones to create a feeling of depth. We also considered the blooms that Louise could experiment with to create a print, using the deeper toned floral dyes to create patterns within the fabric.

LOUISE /  We had intended to create a darker based print as it was for a more wintery collection, and considered this with both the selection of the florals and how we captured the bouquet on a black backdrop. 


Louise, once you took the photos of Sue's beautiful arrangement, what did you do to achieve the final print?

LOUISE / Originally the photo was to be a separate but connected project. The fabric designs were going to be created through the distortion of the flowers, dying and hammering the petals on to paper and using their ink as paint. But the photo of Sue's incredible arrangement was so stunning we couldn't resist trying it as an all over design. The photograph itself was too realistic for our style, so I played around on the computer, exploring various ways to distort and abstract the photo in a very Juliette Hogan way. 

Our Dark Bouquet photographic print is on display in all our stores until the end of March with a limited edition of 10 framed prints available to purchase in store for $599. You can also WIN a framed 'Dark Bouquet' print with any purchase from the new Collection 2021.ONE.



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