Bringing together the strength, stability and easy-care properties of cotton with the soft and unique handle of sustainable and traceable cashmere, JH Lounge pieces are the perfect year-round next-to-skin layer. An edited and refined offering with subtle design signatures, these are the simple yet essential pieces for both on and off duty, and here to take the noise out of getting dressed.

JHL by Juliette Hogan launched in June 2020, as a niche offering with a rich and trusted pedigree, and has quickly become some of the best-selling pieces in the Juliette Hogan stable. With a core collection complimented by new styles and limited seasonal colours, JHL delivers both confidence and freshness to our customers as they return to grow and refresh their wardrobes with us.

JHL delivers relevance in tune with the life, style, and values of today’s customers through garments that are designed to both enable and enhance our way of living, and to resonate with a new consciousness.

JHL pieces are consciously crafted, purposeful and useful. JHL delivers relevance in tune with the life, style, and values of today through garments that are designed to both enable and enhance our daily lives, and to resonate with a more conscious way of living.
With a focus on form and function - we design for style, for freedom, for a signature simplicity.
Knowing at the heart of our quality is materiality and a love of the materials that create freedom, feel beautiful, fit naturally, and have innate quality and style.
Never compromising where we source from and how we work, looking out for people, planet and process.
for life.

We design with a true understanding of the lives our community leads and the flexibility and longevity they need - we design for life.


A new offering with a rich pedigree delivering true quality - in aesthetic, in craft, and in mindful design.

We understand that sustainability is a journey not a destination. We have established four pillars with clear goals and commitments to help guide us as we work on a cycle of continuous improvement on our sustainability journey.
To embrace and support our wider community
Maintain engagement and wellbeing within our team
Support and strengthen local industry
Nurture responsible partnerships
Design for a long life
Use sustainable and responsible materials
Responsible supply partnerships
Enable circularity
Use minimal and sustainable packaging and consumables
Minimise our carbon footprint
Zero Waste

Long term sustainable success
Engage stakeholders in our sustainability journey

Key highlights of our current actions and ongoing projects driven by our sustainability commitments are outlined below.
Quality and timeless design
Recyclable garment swing tags made from FSC certified 100% recycled paper
Garment neck labels are recyclable and made from 100% recycled cotton and printed with soy ink

70% recycled content unbleached tissue paper printed with water based ink
Printing collateral is made with ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) FSC® Certified pulp from Responsible Sources
JHL garments are made using ethically harvested, sustainable, and traceable Cashmere and certified organic cotton
100% natural fibers (including care label) so able to be composted at the end of its life
JHL is a member of Mindful Fashion New Zealand (MFNZ) with active participation in working groups

Measured Scope 1 carbon emissions through Toitu Carbon Assess program to identify areas of improvement
Composting at Head Office including hand towels and natural fibre fabric scraps
Recycle soft plastics, cardboard, paper, recyclable plastics in HO and stores
Transitioned to compostable bags from supplier


Elimination of single use plastics in business operations
Set targets and initiate changes to reduce our carbon footprint through the Toitu Carbon Assess program
Benchmarking and establishing targets against the Textile Exchange Material Change index
Trialing a paper courier bag.
Move away from individually bagged garments from supplier


JHL garments are made from a unique cotton and cashmere blend. We choose cotton for its strength, stability and easy-care properties, and cashmere for its soft and luxurious handle. We use sustainable and traceable cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia. The goats roam grasslands freely, they are not treated with chemicals or hormones and their fibres are harvested in a cruelty-free method by hand combing in their native grasslands. Our cashmere is processed without the use of chemicals or industrial colouring. 


Natural fabrics are made from fibres that originate from plants, animals, or minerals. These raw, natural materials are spun into threads and yarns and then woven or knit into natural fabrics. There are two general categories of natural fibres: animal-based or plant-based. Animal-based natural fibres include cashmere, silk and wool, while plant-based natural fibres include cotton and linen. Synthetic fibres are made of synthetic materials, usually formed through chemical processes. The textile industry began creating synthetic fibres as less expensive and more easily mass-produced alternatives to natural fibres.

As a brand we have always appreciated the feel and drape of natural fibres. The technology around fabric development is an exciting and evolving space and there is now a keen focus on sustainability in the production of both natural and synthetic fabrics and we are always looking closely at the circularity of our fabrics choices. We are excited by the continued evolution to a more transparent sharing of knowledge within our industry (both from our suppliers, and to our consumers), and this, combined with the ongoing improvement in technology and fabric productions, ensures we are able to make more consciously sustainable choices with our fabrics and fibres now more than ever before.

We design and produce our JHL garments with longevity in mind. The following care instructions are a general guideline for garment care in order to get the most out of your JHL piece. We recommend you refer to your garments specific care instructions or do get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

Bringing together the strength, stability and easy-care properties of cotton with the soft and luxurious handle of sustainable and traceable cashmere, the resulting yarn used to create our JHL pieces is a beautiful lightweight fine gauge knit, and the perfect year-round next-to-skin layer.

  • Where practical, we recommend airing your garment. Kinder to both your garment and the environment
  • Luke warm delicate hand wash separately
  • Do not wring your JHL garment. We reccomend laying flat on a towel and rolling up to remove excess moisture
  • Try not to dry your garments in direct sunlight
  • Do no tumble dry as it may cause damage to your garment
  • Like all natural fibres, your JHL garment may pill in the early stages of wear. Using a gentle de-pilling machine is the best option to manage this
  • Always refer to a garments own label for specific care instructions