Welcome Back Bridal!

In our last piece of big news for 2023, we are so pleased to be re-introducing you to Juliette Hogan Bridal. After a brief hibernation, our bridal offering is making a welcome return and a reinvention. Moving toward a more personalised and limited service, with Juliette working directly with just 10 brides each year to create their custom and bespoke gown.

The last few years has seen Juliette working in this way ad-hoc creating gowns for her nearest and dearest, a process that she has found rewarding with the opportunity to be more creatively involved and to deliver a more intimate and exclusive experience.

This new iteration of Bridal allows Juliette to really get to know each bride and to deliver a tailored design response harmoniously blending the JH aesthetic of clean lines, and classic silhouettes, whilst subtly embodying the bride's individuality and style. 

"When you really understand who you're designing for, and the purpose of the wedding - where it's going to be and what they are hoping to achieve - then you can suggest something that will resonate."

Recently, Juliette spoke to Together Journal about the re-launch and touched on her desire to create dresses that allow brides to be themselves, and enjoy the day - all parts of the day, the dancing, eating, and sitting down. 

"I want to design dresses that let brides be comfortable and not be restricted. It's about giving people confidence, as opposed to hiding who the person is"

To learn more about Juliette Hogan Bridal, and for Expression of Interest in becoming one of our 10 brides for 2024, head to the links at the bottom of this page.



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